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What Happens After You Place an Order With Mueller

Posted by Mueller Custom Cut Solutions Team on Jul 7, 2021 8:15:00 AM

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You may be familiar with how Mueller Custom Cut proposes quotes to our customers.

We rely on a five-step method—customer Q&A, expectations assessment, estimation process, order and inspection, and shipping and follow-up—to ensure first-time transactions develop into long-term relationships.

However, if you’ve never placed an order with us, you may not know what comes next. For example, how often should you expect to hear from us? What are your responsibilities once your product is in process? What if there’s a problem?

Here’s what happens after you place an order with Mueller.

What Are the Next Steps After a Customer Places an Order?

Once you order a product from Mueller, our customer service team will take a look at the quote to confirm what’s in the purchase order matches what’s going into the agreement. This is called a contract review.

Next, a customer service representative will put your order into our system to enable the purchasing department to start verifying the availability of raw materials and the feasibility of lead times. After everything is validated, customer service will send a final confirmation to you, saying the order was received and is in process.

On our production floor, the workers wait for the raw materials to come into the facility before your order is placed on the schedule. Once the supply arrives, the job is added to the agenda, and work begins.

After manufacturing starts, Mueller employees will initiate a first article inspection (FAI) or the production part approval process (PPAP) if required by the order. The first piece is taken to the quality department to ensure accurate tolerance and function. After workers get approval on the first piece, they go back and complete production.

The order is then listed as complete in inventory, and the shipping department is notified that it’s available to be sent out. Our system lets the team know when the order should go out; and once it’s shipped, you get an invoice for payment within the time designated in the agreement. Lastly, the order arrives at your facility!

What Should a Mueller Customer Expect During This Process?

The communication you receive from Mueller during this process includes the order confirmation and the payment invoice. Unless we need to contact you because there’s been a delay or your order is ready early, we’ll be busy behind the scenes working on your product.

“Sometimes, we go in and say, ‘The world’s turned upside down, and we can’t get freight in here. I know that our quote said two weeks, and you asked for two weeks, but it’s going to be three,’” said Michael Bryant, sales manager. 

If you receive your order and discover a problem, you can reach out to customer service for help. If the issue is not a simple fix, we will go into triage mode. We gather all of the parties necessary to address the problem, find a root cause, and develop corrective action. This process is managed by the quality department. 

Once our investigation is complete, we will contact you to explain what happened and what we’re going to do to make it right

What Does Mueller Expect From the Customer After an Order?

There’s not much for you to do after you get your order except make a payment and contemplate your next purchase from Mueller!

If something was unsatisfactory, you can help us during the triage process by giving us as many details as possible, sending us pictures of the issue, and even returning items. 

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure you get the product you expect and the quality you deserve. Transparency and cooperation are key components in this follow-up process.

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What to Expect After Placing an Order With Mueller

Now you know more about the process of working with Mueller and what to expect after you place an order.

In the beginning, we work to verify that all of the details from your purchase order match up with our agreement. We make sure your raw materials are available according to your timetable and confirm your order. 

If warranted, we initiate quality control on a single piece before moving forward with mass production. We ship the order at the appropriate time, ask for payment, and look forward to working with you again.

We make sure our customers are satisfied and ready to do more business with us through these stages. If you’re interested in learning more about our unique capabilities and available materials, contact Mueller for your next project today!

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