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What Materials Help Solve Post Production Noise Issues?

There’s nothing worse than a noisy product. Some items, like generators or air conditioning units, are noisy by nature. However, when something begins buzzing, squeaking, or rattling, there might be more considerable problems.

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Comparing Polyurethane Foams & Polyester Non-Wovens in Thermoacoustic Applications

When you manufacture a product, you want it to be durable and work efficiently. However, factors like heat and noise can affect your product negatively. 

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Best Materials for Dissipating Heat in Electronics (Thermal Grease vs. Tape vs. Pads)

As long as machines, tools, and devices have running parts, they will have heat, and as we all know, too much heat can be problematic. With heat dissipation materials, those issues can be avoided in electronic products. However, it isn’t always clear what material to use to dissipate heat in your products best. 

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Best Materials for Handling Acoustic Issues in Electronic Products

As consumers, we know there’s nothing worse than a noisy product. But as manufacturers, we also understand that ensuring our product’s functionality is the number one priority during production. 

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