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Best Adhesive Replacements for Mechanical Fasteners in HVAC Applications

That’s where adhesives come in. Adhesives make an excellent case for replacing mechanical fasteners in many applications: they perform multiple functions at the same time, can decrease assembly time, and create more aesthetically pleasing products. But how do you know if adhesives are the right substitution for your project?

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The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tape or Adhesive

Most products that your business produces will require adhesives to help them function properly, which is why choosing the best tape or adhesive for your products every time is so important. If you don’t make the right choice, your products increase their risk for failure.

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What Type of Adhesive Should You Use? (Rubber-Based vs. Acrylic-Based)

When choosing the proper adhesive for your part it is imperative to know the application. Will the part be wrapping around an object? Will the parts be laying flat? Is there an extreme bend (90°, 180°, etc.)? These are the types of questions that when answered up front can determine whether your part will perform to expectations or fail once placed on the production parts.

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