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Choosing the Right Materials for Electronic Products

Electronics are likely a massive source of business for your company. With that in mind, you must be confident that the products you’re producing are built to last and get the job done. At Mueller, we’re here to make sure that your electronics do just that.

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Qualities for Electromagnetic Shielding Materials in Electronics

When it comes to electronic products, consistent performance is vital. However, when electromagnetic interference (EMI) comes into play, performance can be jeopardized. Luckily, there are ways to ensure the integrity of a product. 

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Best Materials for Containing Environmental Interference in Electronic Products

There are plenty of issues that can be planned for when developing electronic products. Many times, you can account for factors like noise, temperature, and insulation. However, one of the most essential elements to consider is the environment the product will be in. 

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Best Materials for Dissipating Heat in Electronics (Thermal Grease vs. Tape vs. Pads)

As long as machines, tools, and devices have running parts, they will have heat, and as we all know, too much heat can be problematic. With heat dissipation materials, those issues can be avoided in electronic products. However, it isn’t always clear what material to use to dissipate heat in your products best. 

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Best Materials for Handling Acoustic Issues in Electronic Products

As consumers, we know there’s nothing worse than a noisy product. But as manufacturers, we also understand that ensuring our product’s functionality is the number one priority during production. 

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What Type of Foam is Better for Gasket Applications? (Open-Cell vs. Closed-Cell)

When looking for the perfect way to seal your next product, the variety of potential gaskets on the market can be overwhelming. Chances are you’ve determined you need a gasket, but may not be sure of the material you need to use.

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What Determines the Cost of Your Order with Mueller?

As a consumer, it is natural to wonder how the price of any product or service is determined. Plenty of companies will give you a quote, but how many actually explain what determines the cost that a quote provides?

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What Type of Adhesive Should You Use? (Rubber-Based vs. Acrylic-Based)

When choosing the proper adhesive for your part it is imperative to know the application. Will the part be wrapping around an object? Will the parts be laying flat? Is there an extreme bend (90°, 180°, etc.)? These are the types of questions that when answered up front can determine whether your part will perform to expectations or fail once placed on the production parts.

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High vs. Low Compression Sets: What Gaskets Types Are Needed For Each?

Attention to detail is crucial when crafting electronic products. That’s why it’s crucial to select the correct type of gasket for your product, which isn’t always an easy decision to make. 

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