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Comparing The Most Common Materials in HVAC Insulation Applications (Fiberglass vs. Foam vs. Non-Wovens)

The HVAC market has been around for some time, which means that certain materials are recognized as the best of the best. Among the most common materials are fiberglass and foams, including crushed, open-cell, and closed-cell varieties. 

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How to Choose the Best PVC Foam For Any Application

When you manufacture products across different industries, it’s important to find materials that meet multiple needs. If your business is in this situation, chances are you’ve heard of PVC foam.

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What Type of Foam is Better for Gasket Applications? (Open-Cell vs. Closed-Cell)

When looking for the perfect way to seal your next product, the variety of potential gaskets on the market can be overwhelming. Chances are you’ve determined you need a gasket, but may not be sure of the material you need to use.

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