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Choosing the Right Materials for Any Transportation Application

Transportation is a massive and ever-changing industry, with countless opportunities for profit. However, you can only do this by creating products of the highest quality. Quality starts with materials, which means you have to make the right choices when it comes to parts.

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What Materials Help Solve Post Production Noise Issues?

There’s nothing worse than a noisy product. Some items, like generators or air conditioning units, are noisy by nature. However, when something begins buzzing, squeaking, or rattling, there might be more considerable problems.

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Comparing Polyurethane Foams & Polyester Non-Wovens in Thermoacoustic Applications

When you manufacture a product, you want it to be durable and work efficiently. However, factors like heat and noise can affect your product negatively. 

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How to Choose the Best PVC Foam For Any Application

When you manufacture products across different industries, it’s important to find materials that meet multiple needs. If your business is in this situation, chances are you’ve heard of PVC foam.

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How To Choose the Best Material for Gasketing & Sealing in Automotive Applications

It is crucial for automotive manufacturers to be aware of all potential issues with the vehicles they produce. These issues all start with the materials that make up a product, which makes choosing the right one is key.

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The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tape or Adhesive

Most products that your business produces will require adhesives to help them function properly, which is why choosing the best tape or adhesive for your products every time is so important. If you don’t make the right choice, your products increase their risk for failure.

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Why Are Low VOC Materials Important in Automotive Applications?

The automotive industry is rapidly changing. One of the most significant changes recently is the focus on reducing the output of pollution originating from materials used while manufacturing vehicles.

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How to Decide Between Domestic & Imported Material Sourcing

Great products start with great materials, making sourcing an important step in any supply chain. 

As procurement officers, choosing the right material source for both you and your customers can be a difficult decision. Should you source materials domestically? Or should you look offshore for materials? Does the source even matter?

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