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How to Know When to Use Universal & Custom Tube Sizes in HVAC Applications

The pipes that connect a unit are vital when it comes to HVAC applications. In order to keep a product up and running, pipes must remain free of moisture or stress, which is where insulation tubing comes in.

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How to Choose HVAC Product Materials Based on UL Flammability Rating

There are numerous environmental factors that can affect the performance of a product, but fire might be the most destructive. To counteract this force, manufacturers developed flame-resistant materials and chemicals to protect our products.

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Best Adhesive Replacements for Mechanical Fasteners in HVAC Applications

That’s where adhesives come in. Adhesives make an excellent case for replacing mechanical fasteners in many applications: they perform multiple functions at the same time, can decrease assembly time, and create more aesthetically pleasing products. But how do you know if adhesives are the right substitution for your project?

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Comparing the Best Alternatives to Frame Gaskets in HVAC Applications

Frame gaskets are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping HVAC products secure. They work to seal out dust, debris, moisture, and other environmental factors, making them an essential component of any unit.

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The Best Low-Cost Materials for Thermal, Acoustic, Sealing, and Gasketing HVAC Applications

In an established market like HVAC, it’s hard to find new ways to save money, since you’re likely familiar with many of the materials used in the industry.

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Comparing The Most Common Materials in HVAC Insulation Applications (Fiberglass vs. Foam vs. Non-Wovens)

The HVAC market has been around for some time, which means that certain materials are recognized as the best of the best. Among the most common materials are fiberglass and foams, including crushed, open-cell, and closed-cell varieties. 

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Choosing the Right Materials for Any Transportation Application

Transportation is a massive and ever-changing industry, with countless opportunities for profit. However, you can only do this by creating products of the highest quality. Quality starts with materials, which means you have to make the right choices when it comes to parts.

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What Materials Help Solve Post Production Noise Issues?

There’s nothing worse than a noisy product. Some items, like generators or air conditioning units, are noisy by nature. However, when something begins buzzing, squeaking, or rattling, there might be more considerable problems.

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Comparing Polyurethane Foams & Polyester Non-Wovens in Thermoacoustic Applications

When you manufacture a product, you want it to be durable and work efficiently. However, factors like heat and noise can affect your product negatively. 

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How to Choose the Best PVC Foam For Any Application

When you manufacture products across different industries, it’s important to find materials that meet multiple needs. If your business is in this situation, chances are you’ve heard of PVC foam.

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