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How Does Material Certification Affect Medical Products?

The health and safety industry holds its tools and devices to a very high standard, and rightfully so. These products are used in and around people who need them, making it very important to ensure that they are safe. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Materials in the Health & Safety Industry

The medical industry is highly regulated, with little room for error or unsatisfactory products. That’s why it’s important to know what you need from your materials before you go into production, including the numerous factors that contribute to selection: tests, certifications, and other processes.

In this guide, the health and safety experts at Mueller will explain the factors and questions that should guide your material selection and inventorying processes. We’ve listed the different sections below, so feel free to select the topic most pertinent to your business before moving on to others. 

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What Medical Materials Can Withstand the Sterilization Process?

In the medical world, clean and sterile equipment is very important. As businesses that operate in this industry, we often have to produce parts that users can sterilize. How do you know what sterilization process is correct? And what materials can even be sterilized?

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Comparing High-Temperature Resistant Materials in the Medical Industry

Medical devices are often complicated and full of moving parts. These components usually generate heat, which can have a negative effect on products if the temperature gets too high. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Material Selection in the HVAC Industry

HVAC is an established and regulated industry, which makes it occasionally difficult to find ways to innovate. One of the best ways to be innovative is to optimize your business’s material selection process.

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How to Choose the Best PVC Foam For Any Application

When you manufacture products across different industries, it’s important to find materials that meet multiple needs. If your business is in this situation, chances are you’ve heard of PVC foam.

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How To Choose the Best Material for Gasketing & Sealing in Automotive Applications

It is crucial for automotive manufacturers to be aware of all potential issues with the vehicles they produce. These issues all start with the materials that make up a product, which makes choosing the right one is key.

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The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tape or Adhesive

Most products that your business produces will require adhesives to help them function properly, which is why choosing the best tape or adhesive for your products every time is so important. If you don’t make the right choice, your products increase their risk for failure.

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How To Get the Best Cost When Working With a Custom Solutions Team

When you begin the process of sourcing a custom cut solution, you naturally want the lowest price possible. However, it is difficult to learn how you can get that low price without first understanding the costs and fees associated with your solution.

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Why Are Low VOC Materials Important in Automotive Applications?

The automotive industry is rapidly changing. One of the most significant changes recently is the focus on reducing the output of pollution originating from materials used while manufacturing vehicles.

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